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Hi folks,


Thanks to all of you who have very generously volunteered to act as facilitators to our workshops at the conference for care experienced people in Liverpool on 26th April 2019. We are fortunate to have more offers than we may ultimately need and we are also keen to ensure that there is a good fit between your particular skills and what will be needed in order to help the day to be really effective. It would therefore be helpful to know a little more about what you feel you can offer We are also very keen to make sure that we support facilitators with this key role so we are proposing a form of training and follow-up briefing before the conference day itself. We would be pleased if you could help giving brief information in response to the questions below and also let us know about your availability. Just to remind you, our planned workshops are:


i.    Mental health and emotional support;

ii.    Being Heard;

iii.    Being in care and what it means;

iv.    Protecting History and Heritage;

v.    Parenting and families;

vi.    Moving into adulthood;

vii.    Education and aspiration;

viii.    Stigma and stereotyping; and

ix.    Love and Relationships.


It is important to stress that we are not seeking for our facilitators to give a presentation on the subject of their workshop or to share their own expertise – that is what we don’t want to happen. The entire ethos of the conference is that the expertise must lie in the group. There are no right or wrong answers, and our workshops will seek to draw out from the delegates their thoughts, views and aspirations. We want our facilitators to have the skill, sensitivity and patience to introduce the discussions and then enable everyone in the group to feel safe and willing to contribute their own view. Alongside and supporting the facilitators will be our ‘scribes’. Our scribes will support by recording what was is said, and supporting the delegates to record for themselves. It will be the responsibility of the facilitator and the scribe to ensure what happens in workshops is recorded accurately and fairly and fed back to the team managing the event on the day to be collated. Please feed back to me as soon as you can which of the workshops you would most like to facilitate and indeed, if you are prepared to work as a facilitator or a scribe, or indeed both, during the day. Within the next few weeks, we will seek to ‘match’ our facilitators and our workshops, and also seek to match scribes who are comfortable to report back on each of the issues. It would help us immensely in our task if you could share a little with us about your experience in facilitating and leading in groups using the form below to help us get the matching right.

Thank you all for volunteering; as will be evident now, we are getting increasingly busy in these last few weeks before conference, bit we are determined for the sake of our care experienced community to get it right!


Al the very best, and I look forward to hearing from you.



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