Care Experienced Conference Seeds of Hope (Midlands) Update 5 Key Messages from 'HOPE' March 7th 20

Planted seeds sent to Ian & Jackie by @Jacqui A @sanferryann2

reflecting the hand of Friendship/Family

We are all to familiar with the words which profoundly describes the times we are currently living through. I guess the most poignant are #StayAtHome, #StaySafe #StayWell.  Yet, as a passionate twitter person  I'm also struck day by the enormous resilience of the human spirit, the strength given and gained from our Communities enCOURAGEment and the daily witness/testimony of Individuals, Teams, Networks/Communities, Organisations as they come together.  United,  in a common purpose, driven by compassion as they reach out, connect and support the most vulnerable across our Communities/Society. I can’t help but find in each and every day, gratitude/ thankfulness for ALL the ‘Seeds of Hope’ which are sown each and every day.  Whilst, our Team have chosen to temporarily put on hold our Conference aspirations, we will continue to build our  'Seeds of Friendship' which have already been laid and can be read about via this website.

Wonderfully, we were able to put out our 2nd Blog thanks to Sophia Kahn @survive2thrive4 and whilst circumstances of ALL our lives are rapidly changing each and every day Jackie Mccartney @jacqueMccartney and I Ian Gould @IanGould5 did want to share 5 heartfelt and hope filled ‘Key Messages’ that came from our last meeting on the 7th March.  Which, we firmly believe will provide solid foundations on which to continue to build our #ambitioustogether aspirations and continue to sow #seedsofhope. Meanwhile, you are ALL most welcome to look in on our Journey via these twitter hashtag's and keep an eye out for any updates via @CareExpConf and this website too.  

Wonderfully, those of our Team who contributed have also given their permission to be identified. Truly amazing friends/ family to be alongside. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things and our thoughts/prayer go out for all their endeavours. (JBCC-A-FLRSW) and those from the NHS England Safeguarding Team too.

(1)   A kaleidoscope of community #CEP #Seedsofhope .  A rich tapestry of beautiful people, lifetime connections,  cultivating seeds for change, growth and legacy, Hug quota filled for the day, hugs that make you feel home, these people make my soul smile Katrina Goodman @LionessGoodman 

(2)  Firstly, the positive energy, enthusiasm and commitment of all those present and I’m sure those who sent apologises which is great but also presents challenges in terms of coordinating and organising that towards shared goals. Secondly, there maybe more in view than realistically achievable, so we may have to refine the aims of the Conference a little further.  There will have to be careful consideration of delegation of some of the responsibility for running aspects of the Conference. It was inspiring to meet the group and to feel the energy.  Alison 'Osullivan @aosullivan01

(3)  A thought came to mind about the 7th was the lack of ego. It was also refreshing to hear professionals open to new ways to deliver a compassionate service. I sense a hope that this may well happen, that with the right model and interdisciplinary group, could create something strong, compassionate and sustainable for our #CEP across the Midlands. Sophia Kahn @survive2thrive4.

(4)  As a social worker, I recognised the various failure of our care systems for our care experienced children and adults I don’t want to see history repeat itself time and time again. As professionals and Government it is time to act in humility recognising when we have got things wrong and willing to be lead by Care Experienced People to bring about the necessary changes to turns lives around rather than upside We can do this and we are willing Nushra Mansuri @NushraMansuri

(5)  There was an amazing 'synergy' of bringing together older and newer family/friends from, altogether different and diverse backgrounds, lived and professional experience. There was real warmth, common understanding and shared empathy. Getting to know each other through our Icebreaker was a real joy and learning new things about each other. Seeing/hearing the passion of new people coming on board, as well as valuing older generational lived experience was amazing. All of which reflects/mirrors the essence of our Care Experienced Conference 'Seeds of Hope' Journey. Looking forward to flourishing together in the future when we are ALL through these unprecedented times Jackie and Ian. & Jackie Mccartney @jacqueMccartney



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