About the Hear Me Children in Care Campaign @HANTS_CAMHS

Whilst our focus is on young people, the project is keen to include anyone of any age who has had experience of living in care to be involved in the campaign.

The campaign seeks to be a positive and inclusive project to;

  1. To provide opportunities directly with young people to gain skills that enhances their self-worth and empowers them to achieve their potential, and increase self-confidence which in turn will improve their emotional and mental health.

  2. To train, support and advise the systemic network that supports these young people in order to enhance their work with young people in their care and ensure its effectiveness.

  3. To provide young people across Hampshire with the chance to contribute and feedback to wider conversations about pertinent issues relating to young people’s health and wellbeing. 

  4. To raise awareness and provide opportunities and platforms for anyone who has had experience of living in care to share their views to raise awareness, improve understanding and enhance compassion, empathy and support for those living in or who have had experience of living in care.

The Campaign is vast so for ease there are two documents; Document 1 an overall campaign document which gives a snapshot of what it is, why we are doing it and some of the projects involved. The second Document 2 is specifically about the Look and Listen Project which we desperately need volunteers for.

Since the original documents were written we have added an additional aspect, The suitcase installation- An artist will be creating an installation based on things that children take into care. There will be a suitcase with various items in it/tumbling out. We are asking children and adults who have experienced being in care to say what was the possession they remember taking with them the first time they went into care? Ideally we would like luggage labels attached with Christian names and an age (the first time they went into care) of the person who’s item it was. We welcome responses from experienced adults too.

Below is also a link to a survey which seeks to explore aspects of being in care which will allow us to get more feedback, which is the basis of questions for our focus groups We would invite anybody who has experienced living in care to complete the survey.

Share or  get involved in the projects. If you need any more information or want to discuss, please do email or give Helen a call.

Many thanks

Helen Dove

Innovation & Participation Lead

CAMHS in Hampshire

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Avalon House

Chesil Street


SO23 0HU

Tel: 01962 831059

Mobile: 07798607477


Facebook: Fit Fest Hampshire


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